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Launch Party: The Next Edition of the Debt Resisters Operation Manual – 3/23 @3PM

Media Advisory:March 3, 2014

Contact: Hannah Appel 416-568-6037, hannah.appel@berkeley.edu or Mike Wilson 510-299-0493, electionamend@gmail.com

When:    Sunday, March 23, 2014, 3:30-6:00PM

Where:  AlanBluefordCenter for Justice
2434 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland,CA94612 (wheelchair accessible)

Why:      Learn how to participate in a growing debt resistance movement

Launch Party: The Next Edition of the Debt Resisters Operation Manual

Oakland, CAStrike Debt New York City has completed its work on the 2nd edition of the Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual (DROM). Come learn about the new edition, about Strike Debt, and meet cool people who are helping in the international struggle against oppressive and immoral debt.

This manual—written by an anonymous collective of resistors, defaulters, and allies from Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street—aims to provide specific tactics for understanding and fighting against the debt system. You’ll find detailed strategies and resources for dealing with credit card, medical, student, housing and municipal debt, tactics for navigating the pitfalls of personal bankruptcy, and information to help protect yourself from predatory lenders. Recognizing that individually we can only do so much to resist the system of debt, the manual also introduces ideas for those who have made the decision to take collective action.

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ORGANIZATION INFO: Strike Debt Bay Area is the local chapter of Strike Debt, an international movement of groups working to build popular resistance to all forms of unjust debt. Strike Debt has organized the Rolling Jubilee, the Debt Resistors Operations Manual, and local debtors’ assemblies.

Strike Debt supports the creation of just and sustainable economies, based on mutual aid, common goods, and public affluence. We owe the financial institutions nothing. It is to our friends, families and community that we owe everything.

Strike Debt Bay Area (SDBA) website: http://strike-debt-bay-area.tumblr.com/

SDBA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BayAreaStrikeDebt

Strike Debt national website: http://strikedebt.org/


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Occupy Forum – What is Money? Part II – 3/24 @6PM

OccupyForum continues

Monday, March 24th from 6 – 9 pm at Global Exchange

2017 Mission Street near 16th Street BART in SF

Information, discussion & community! Monday Night Forum!!

Occupy Forum is an opportunity for open and respectful dialogue

on all sides of these critically important issues!

OccupyForum presents…

What is Money?

Part II


With Jane Smith and Spencer Veale, members of Politics Of Debt Reading group from Strike Debt Bay Area

We use money every day.  We spend most of our time working in order to get money. Many of us are in debt and the only way to repay is with money.  For something that is so commonplace and so powerful, we spend very little time really thinking about what money is and where it comes from. Who creates our money and how?


Jane Smith, Occupy Activist involved with Strike Debt and FedUp, and Spencer Veale, a researcher at International Forum on Globalization (IFG), have been studying the monetary system and its links to debt in the Politics of Debt reading group, a Strike Debt Bay Area group that has been meeting for over a year.  In addition to breaking down the inner workings of the monetary system, they will present solutions to the problems that stem from money created as debt issued by private banks.


An extensive question and answer period will be allotted.  Bring all your burning questions about money!


Announcements will follow. Donations to OccupyForum to cover our costs are encouraged; no one turned away!

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A Rededication to Public Education

Published on March 12, 2014 by in Uncategorized

A quote from this article:

“It should come as no surprise that a commission dominated by administrators found that the problems of America’s schools were mainly caused by lazy students and unaccountable teachers. Administrative incompetence was not on the agenda. Nor were poverty, inequality and racial discrimination.​

Francine Podenski

Excuse me if links to this article on the reform movement​ in education have been sent to the EFF list already. I just saw it today. My favorite quote:

“Reform (noun): a policy that is designed to undermine the effectiveness of a public institution in a way that generates private gains.

Reform (verb): to make something worse (e.g. education reform).”

David Parr,

Theatre Arts Department

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Fed Up Friday – 2/28 at 6:30 PM at 101 Market St in SF

Friday, 2/28 at 6:30 PM at the Federal Reserve building at 101 Market Street in San Francisco.


Across the country, people who are Fed Up with the Federal Reserve are gathering for Fed Up Fridays.  This month, the focus is on labor.  The Federal Reserve has a mandate to maintain maximum employment.  So where are the jobs? 

It is clear that the Federal Reserve serves the interests of the banks first and foremost, ahead of all other mandates. That is not surprising, since the Federal Reserve is 100% owned by Wall Street banks.  Until we change the system to issue debt free sovereign money that will serve the people instead of the banks, financiers will continue to get richer and life for ordinary people will continue to deteriorate.
To illuminate this issue, the Code Pink Light Brigade will spell FED UP [heart] LABOR and WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

Join Fed Up this Friday and show your support for monetary policy that helps the 99% instead of Wall Street banks.  Let’s kick off monthly Fed Up Fridays!

Twitter: #FedUp @FedUpSanFran @FedUpNewYork



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#NoTPP action on Jan. 31st in San Francisco @4:30PM

Inter-Continental Day of Action against the TPP & Corporate Globalization

No more NAFTA — 20 Years is Enough!

When: This Friday, January 31, 2014 at 4:30 PM
Where: Rally and March to begin at Nancy Pelosi’s office at the Federal Building (90 7th Street at Market, SF, 94103), then march (and leaflet) to Diane Feinstein’s office (at Montgomery and Market) arriving around 6 PM for speakers, rally, illuminator!

January 2014 marks the twenty-year anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a pact that has had devastating consequences for working families, small farmers, indigenous peoples, small business and the environment in all three countries and beyond. The pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been described as “NAFTA on Steroids.”

Read more…

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